Bathing in the Forest: Let Nature Undo the Stress

The Art of Forest Bathing

Here at Tiny Paradise we are strong believers that a good dose of nature keeps you healthy and happy. 

We have recently discovered Forest Bathing. Also known as Shinrin Yoku, the concept was invented in the 1980s by the Japanese Health Authority as a cure for depression. 

Studies show that phytoncides (wood essential oils), which are found in the air within the forest, have been proven to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones.

The Benefits of Forest Bathing:

  • Increasing the power of your immune system 
  • Lowering blood pressure and stress 
  • Increased levels of focus and creativity
  • Increase recovery times from injury, illness and surgery
  • Clearer intuition
  • Healthier sleeping habits

How to Forest Bathe:

  • Get yourself to a forest
  • Take your shoes off if you can
  • Walk slowly, being guided by feelings rather than a map 
  • Embrace the forest with all your senses - sights, sounds, smells, feelings in your feet.

Just be sure to remember where you came from ;)


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