We hand make kokedamas (mossballs) and concrete planters.

We also offer workshops so you can get your hands dirty and the creative juices flowing.

We love seeing people discovering their creative side. 



We source our plants locally and use as many recycled products as we can.

We take pride in our creations, whilst they are never absolutely perfect, we appreciate their imperfections.



We love getting creative with plants and inspiring people to connect with nature more whether that's having a plant on your desk or going for a big hike in the forest.  

We want people to take advantage of the benefits of living with more plants in their life. 

We hope our products not only stimulate your imagination but are a reminder that the natural world is out there to explore and re-connect with.


Our Manifesto

//Follow your path not others'

//Nourish your talents 

//Embrace the fear

//Be generous with time



//Don't take yourself or life too seriously

//Don't rush 

//Take the time to notice

//Nothing lasts forever

//Nothing is perfect

//Nothing is finished